Sunday, 6 November 2011

when in doubt, shout, be bald and carry a weapon the length of a small car

Thats right! two updates in one day.. i bet you're all going into some form of shock by this point.. or more likely bypassing my speaky parts to look at pictures..

so heres a picture:

Brom is looking mighty fine (imho) and a whole lot better than the old one (which can be seen somewhere else on here for comparison) plus.. ive almost figured out how to make my pictures the right size too.. so all in all its been quite a productive day i think.

Oh and in closing, photoshop is your friend, i missed it when having to work with gimp (which has a suitable name for something which is pretty much wank) and am glad its back on my pc.. my pictures look all sorts of swish now, despite my messy bases and lack of anything close to a finished product in a while.. i wonder if a blog can be sponsored... *emails adobe and monster*

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