Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Idiot moves & gold paint

So.. I was looking through my lovely (if somewhat battered) copy of Imp Armour: volume 9 and thinking about painting up my thunderfire cannons techmarine.. i mean sure he usually dies in the 1st turn of every game because Sorrowshard has turned my club against him..

Despite this.. and the fact that the gun is currently proxied by a whirlwind turret on the track section of the thunderfire cannon (worst kit EVER) i thought it'd be a change of pace to do gold.. plus i needed to determine if my techmarines were going to be metallic or an orangey yellow colour.. i need to get round to emailing forgeworld about the picture.. though im leaning towards orangey yellow atm.

Now i guess you're wondering where i'm going with this.. but its pretty simple.. i own several gold paints.. i own tamiya ones that are quite nice if a little on the yellowy side, i own gw ones which i barely use, and i own a lovely pot of vallejo liquid gold which is amazing and goes on like a dream... (examples of it are all over termie brom with 0 highlighting as of yet)

But try cleaning the fucking stuff out of an airbrush afterwards.. never again.


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