Saturday, 4 August 2012

Commision Sculpt

So its been a while since i posted anything (mainly due to work, 6th ed, and lack of enthusiasm.)

Just so you know im not dead/haven't quit, i thought id put something up (no pictures as of yet)
I'm working on a space wolf contemptor dreadnought which will then be painted by Sorrowshard and sold on. The general idea is to wolfify it up and make it a little bit of a focal point.. atm the kit is just getting cleaned up though as it arrived today, so pictures as work gets done i promise.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

evolution of this blog.

At this point its just been me ranting about random crap and posting up the occasional picture of something firey and angely. but im interested to know if anyone has any opinions on what i should put up here?

in the pipeline i have more fire angel stuff obviously (wont be done till the full 2nd company is complete with transports for all 106 plus 1st company support and a thunderhawk >.>) but should i increase the scope of this blog? i mean sure itll never go beyond marines & other systems stuff (xenos doesnt appeal, tried it many times) or do i expand the detail on the fire angel side of things more?

would people like to see tutorial type stuff or just more finished things?

the more feedback the better really.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

2nd Company Command Squad: for B&C badab challenge

Rightio, i gave you a wall of text last time so today we get a wall of pictures.

this pic is mainly to show of broms updated power weapon and new bionic arm.. also it looks cool!

As of yet unamed apothecary, hes 98% forgeworld, but i removed the head for future use and to complete the bare headed look of the squad.

This is Haydn Lang due to the fact that he has the same plastic head as one of the sergeants he is the non identical (different hair colour) twin to Rikart Lang.. the dude with the combi melta and fist.. the banner needs more work but he has been based since this pic (see group shot)

Eidhart Abendroth, everyones favourite ex ganger nutcase company champion.

Then finally we have the least finished dudes in the squad Jori Mauer and Lanzo Kolman (in order)

oh and heres their ride (makeshift turret till FW one arrives)

I've got 2 days left to finish the squad, then the transport and whatever other jazz i decide upon is to be done for next month.. hopefully you've enjoyed the pics rather than the text for once.


Monday, 28 May 2012

Working to a deadline and feedback

Todays sporadic update doesnt include any pictures, not because I havent done anything but because I spend too much time ignoring my duties as a voice on the internet and worrying about what I have thats worthwhile to post.

Today that all changes. I have been plodding along with my badab war challenge thing over on the B&C and enjoying painting stuff. Normally i have some serious hobby adhd and am flitting from one project to the next until something grabs my attention long enough to get done (normally nothing to do with my current army) but I have finally found the kind of motivation I need and its in the form of not wanting to bring shame to my name by failing a challenge and the positive feedback that you get when you post fancy things and people like them.

Now my new airbrush arrived recently and Im not going to review it or anything like that because many people have already done that and its not what I'm about (along with correct punctuation and grammar) I will however say that I'm really pleased with it, its a definite improvement on my old one (considering the price tag You'd hope so) I ended up going for the Badger Renegade Krome & I would recommend it.

Thats enough of that, its time to talk Fire Angel.
The command squad is coming along nicely now, I'm very close to finishing the 4th member of the squad (all will have touch ups done at a later date, but deadlines are deadlines) and have updated Brom's relic blade to fit in with the black/purple/white of the power weapons all be it in a darker shade of purple and with quite a lot less white.. its a subtle difference but enough of one in my opinion to show that it is a "power weapon plus."

I also managed to talk to Chris Innes from the 'eavy metal team the other day about painting (it was this talk that helped me figure out how to do the glass vials on the apothecary which i was coming up blank on) it was interesting talking to him and it seemed a little refreshing for him to talk about the finer aspects of paint rather than dealing with the over excited 13 year old kid who was intent on telling him every intricate detail about a game he played the other day, overall i can say it was a positive experience and if you ever get the chance to talk to him its worthwhile as hes a cool guy.

I'll be posting up more pictures of things soon and hopefully not neglecting the blogging as much.. I might even demand shardy boy to assist in making this look all fancy like rant in e minor and pimping lorin alpha out across the interwebz.

Peace Y'all.

Monday, 14 May 2012

No witty title just a fancy picture and some words

Yeesh i need to update this more often..

I've been faffing about with things that dont need doing recently (painting warmachine stuff & building shelves etc) rather than concentrating on the fangles.. i mainly blame the fact that im waiting for 6th ed to drop and ruin half my army choices..

as a few of you are probably aware by now i've been working on my skillz with an airbrush and have been enjoying my time faffing about with the one i have atm.. it is however a little on the limited side and a pain in the ass to clean.. so im upgrading.

ive also joined in with a badab war painting challenge thing on the bolter and chainsword and have said ill paint up a command squad and character by the end of the month (now looking impossible due to missing parts) so it looks like im just going to have to do what i can and hope that Ead has good news for me on wednesday..

but anyway enough of my wall of text.. heres a picture of the company champion Eidhart Abendroth

Monday, 9 April 2012

Forgeworld the class A drug of the Gw hobbyists world

So I've been woefully neglecting this blog in favor of doing work, sleeping and very little else (I havent even had much time to play street fighter x tekken, which saddens me)

I did however amass a large amount of money in my sleep, work, sleep, work pattern of suck.. and ended up splurging not once.. but twice on forgeworld goodies... so im now the proud owner of a caestus assault brick.. which so far has dissapointed in game terms but i do love how big and bricky it is.. (i raised my points with Alan Bligh about the ram in comparison to the other things out there.. theres a fair chance that ceramite shielding may be in its future  due to how willy nilly its been thrown about with storm vehicles and the such.)

the kit itself was easy enough to put together and only needed minor gap filling to make it look right..

on top of this i also bought a storm eagle, asterion moloc and his mate, a deimos executioner (im expecting the rules to suck.. its a predator afterall.) some mk 5 marines because theyre the coolest mark of power armour purely for the heads alone.. sevrin loth and his mates (waiting on some replacement parts.... grumble) 2 rapier laser destroyers because theyre nuts and look cool, a mk4 ven dreadnought and 4 autocannon arms...

essentially i spent more money than i should've and was trying to stop myself from buying a thunderhawk on top of it all (need to get one eventually.. im currently outclassed by blindhamster over on B&C in this respect)

work on the army itself has been slow, mainly due to a lack of enthusiasm for the game itself.. the marine codex is lack lustre and can be easily beaten upon by the shinier newer dexes and so most games are an uphill struggle at the best of times.. doesnt help that i cannot be bothered to do the competitive thing at the moment.. its something i did in the past and did well at. i have no need to prove myself in an environment where 90% of the armies will be from 4 dex's.

ill post some pictures up soon hopefully when the storm eagle and a load of the other advanced stuff appears from fw... im getting impatient now.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Now with added psyker!

Oof! this place is dusty.. the neglect shall last no longer.. honest!

i thought id start with the picture this time.. afterall its the shiny bit that may potentially mean people read what i write. ive been busy doing night shifts of late.. they kill hobbying.. ive played like one game in about 2 months.. its horrible.

anyhoo, im going warhammer world tomorrow to buy myself lots of forgeworld goodies (assault ram, heresy era armour sets, dreadnought autocannons.. and anything else that i decided i want on the day whilst trying to resist a titan or a thunderhawk) hoping to breath some much needed life into my hobby atm thusly i decided that id actually.. you know.. pull my finger out and do some sculpty sculpty stuff and make a librarian i actually like rather than just hack at existing stuff until it looks mediocre.

now some of you (if there are any of you left) may be thinking.. "but he has no storm shield.. you're clearly insane!" and my response would be poetic, convincing and would definitley not start with "go fuck yourself" honest..

essentially i wanted to make a model that looked cool.. and as termie armour doesnt really fit with 2 handed sword wielding poses of badassery he got a magical halberd with a skull on the end of it.. and the tiniest shield in the world just so i can be a dick to people who go "but he's not wysiwyg" because he like so totally is.

in the fluff world that i live in though its psychicly attuned armour in a similar vein to sevrin loths.. just without a psychic test and a bit less powerfull.. but then in the fluff he wouldnt be using one power a turn and would be less shit.

Monday, 9 January 2012

I'm back for more, Here to set a worse example..

Honestly the title is just because im listening to hollywood undead whilst i type this and i couldn't think of anything else to call it.. But as a bonus i do have those pictures i was threatening this blog with a while ago.. more alclad wonders for y'all.

Now it may not look like a huge difference, but thats kindve the point.. theyre still meant to look like my other marines, its just a whole crap tonne easier to produce in a short period of time that it was to do them the other way.. plus theyre shinier and stuff. (you cant really tell in the pics.. they look badass irl though, ill show sorrowshard next week and make him attest to how shiny they are)

Now this pic is a comparison for you.. new vs old.. i prefer the new ones, because the old ones caused me psychological pain, and tbh.. outside of that 1 tac squad ive been showing a fair amount.. generally arent very good (didnt strip them properly so obscured details etc... currently sitting in brake fluid waiting for the alclad happy funtime treatment)

oh and just because its worth noting.. my camera is a panasonic g3 compact slr...running on manual focus on 1/25s shutter speed and 16f for the aperture.. in iso800 with a daylight bulb and flash in a lightbox with a 2 second timer on the camera..

I highly recommend it. =P

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fire Angels: How doing a fully metallic army breaks your spirit and how alclad saved me from alcoholism

The title is a little dramatic, but to be honest i found myself eagerly painting up wolves and looking at my templars thinking "i could paint you up all nice and shiny like" because the silver dudes with their silver ways only ever seemed to evoke a "meh" from passers by and my efforts to paint them were getting lazier and lazier at the expense of quality.

So with a new job.. less dedicated hobby time and a knowledge that the current marine dex is either mediocre or boring (and sometimes both) i was finding my hobby time to be directed at other stuff.. Now seeing as i have a whole bloody companies worth of marines waiting for the Fire Angel treatment this was a really bad position to be in, but the effort the painting took (prime, spray, zenith spray, gloss, wash, gloss.. for just the silver with no highlights) wasn't worth the end result after id slacked off..

Now i've spoken briefly about Mark Bedford and his Astral Claws.. for the few of you who dont recognise the name hes one of the head honchos at forgeworld.. I asked him how he'd painted them after getting vague answers from the fw web team at gamesday and sat on the recipe for a fair while waiting for a time when i A: had all the stuff i needed to try it and B: felt the need to do some fire angel stuff.

now this wall of text may seem like over indulgence but im just painting a picture of where im coming from..

in my search for the best method to obtain the results i wanted for the silver armour of my dudes ive explored damn near everything.. every combo of gw paints, the vmc metallics, revells aquacolour metallics, the vma metals, oil washes, every type of varnish and their effects on metallic paints and in the end i found out that i should have just bloody well listened to Mr Bedford.. stupid ass guy who does it for a living!

so i bought me some "dark aluminium" alclad because dark makes it sound cooler and because my dudes were ment to be all aluminium looking according to my brain.. I also got me some Rubb n Buff which sounds more sexual than id like.. especially when you're asking some old dear in an art shop.

So the experimenting went as such... gloss black primer, alclad, wash, drybrush with sexualised metal crap... look at results and go "Ah fuck.. i'm gonna need to order more of this stuff"

ill be uploading some more pictures of stuff thats been sprayed with the liquid miracle that is alclad soon.. but for now i need to go shopping.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

alclad 2: the revenge

rightio.. i said id post a pic of my messing about with alclad.. so here it is.

This is alclad dark aluminium with a quick dirty black wash (with added klear) then a quick run over with some silver rub n buff (ie based entirely on mark bedfords astral claw paint scheme) due to the nature of the alclad it means a whole lot less pissing about with metallics, is an incredibly fine layer of paint.

the legs look a little too drybrushed for my liking atm.. but that will be sorted out with some weathering etc.. overall im very impressed and need to buy more (and more gloss black primer too)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

back to the primative

only because back to the shiny doesnt sound good.. and its from an era from "days gone by"

yeah shut up.

This is khiros pretending to be an ironclad.. hence the massive hammer (its siesmic dont you know!) its also a bit self indulgent as ive not reduced the size of the image to see if uploading here is better than photobucket (who auto resize my stuff.. grrr!!!)

okay so this also reduces image size apparently.. god i hate the internet sometimes.. heres a 1:1 of part of the pic of khiros just for examples sake then.