Friday, 2 March 2012

Now with added psyker!

Oof! this place is dusty.. the neglect shall last no longer.. honest!

i thought id start with the picture this time.. afterall its the shiny bit that may potentially mean people read what i write. ive been busy doing night shifts of late.. they kill hobbying.. ive played like one game in about 2 months.. its horrible.

anyhoo, im going warhammer world tomorrow to buy myself lots of forgeworld goodies (assault ram, heresy era armour sets, dreadnought autocannons.. and anything else that i decided i want on the day whilst trying to resist a titan or a thunderhawk) hoping to breath some much needed life into my hobby atm thusly i decided that id actually.. you know.. pull my finger out and do some sculpty sculpty stuff and make a librarian i actually like rather than just hack at existing stuff until it looks mediocre.

now some of you (if there are any of you left) may be thinking.. "but he has no storm shield.. you're clearly insane!" and my response would be poetic, convincing and would definitley not start with "go fuck yourself" honest..

essentially i wanted to make a model that looked cool.. and as termie armour doesnt really fit with 2 handed sword wielding poses of badassery he got a magical halberd with a skull on the end of it.. and the tiniest shield in the world just so i can be a dick to people who go "but he's not wysiwyg" because he like so totally is.

in the fluff world that i live in though its psychicly attuned armour in a similar vein to sevrin loths.. just without a psychic test and a bit less powerfull.. but then in the fluff he wouldnt be using one power a turn and would be less shit.


  1. Epic mold line on that halberd , looking shmexy though

  2. its a mold line of power... obviously!