Thursday, 30 June 2011

fiction: also know as a fully painted army.

well ive been neglecting this blog more than id like to admit.. but thats mainly because id stuck the fire angels in a box and got the huff with them for a bit.

anyway i decided it was time to pull my finger out and do something.

brom is getting there slowly hes already "tabletop" apart from the base, but i have lots of things i want to do to him in the weathering sense and need to paint up his banner.. i do think i need to clean up my painting style a bit.. might have to do some kind of showcase model and get my "micropainting" hat on. i dont actually have a hat for painting i left my last good hat on the bus.. maybe i should buy a new one.

apparently photobucket is being queer again, i may have to find a new place to host my images.. the constant faffing on bucket annoys me, as do the adverts interupting my musical delights.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

distraction: its name is kitten

Ahem, apparently ive been distracted from my duties as another angry voice on the internet by the aquisition of a new pet.. this post isnt really a huge update of wonderous pictures and the combiflamer tutorial i was going to do.. but its proof that im still alive and still bitter about everything.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the grim darkness of the future, there is only points imbalances.

After a fun night of gaming it up i have returned home with a few thoughts in my head..

the main one atm is that where others say "space wolf termies with thunder hammers and storm shields are overpointed" i say all other termies with hammers and shields are underpointed.

think about it, a tactical squad with a meltagun and a powerfist is 200 points, throw in a free heavy weapon that you'll probably never use too.. cuz its free.

lysander is 200 points too.. he has a few wounds and eternal warrior.. he has 3 attacks.

a squad of 5 termies with hammers and shields are 200 points, theyre like lysander, but with 10 attacks and more wounds..

which of these would you like to be able to take as an hq choice? or an elites? or maybe troops? im pretty sure the answer to all 3 is the hammernators..

now with 40k being in a state of confusion atm (tank spam, lack of basic troops despite the scoring thing.. tactical squads seemingly redundant etc etc) surely we should be thinking "for 200 points that tactical squad is awesome.. and so tactical!" not "man i wish i didnt have to take tactical marines, if scouts didnt suck so much id consider them instead.. man why do all my troops choices suck balls?"

i mean think about what you get.. sergeant + termie armour + hammer + shield.. a sarge is 26 points (roughly) termie armour with a hammer and shield for a captain is 70 points, a hammer and shield is 45 on a command squad.. so why is it termies cost 40 points each?

is the 63 points a space wolf player pays over the top? hell no.. the 40-45 points all the other marine armies pay is cheap.

40k needs to be rebalanced and tactical marines need to seem worth taking and not something that is almost forced onto you.

Monday, 13 June 2011

I return/ the mourning of a dear friend

Well, I'm back from download.. slightly burnt, slightly deaf and aching all over but it was all sorts of good..

however, my dear faithfull umbrella did not make it through the weekend.. after about 8 years of violence & mistreatment it decided to end its life during disturbed's set.

i shall miss you trusty umbrella and will be returning to the garden centre to try and 'aquire' a new one.

anyhoo heres a tank

its a very shiny tank.. this will be sorted out via more weathering and a light coat of satin varnish. (quick note, varnishing metals is a ball ache, if you decide to do a 90% metal army and want to protect your highlights etc.. either a light coat of satin.. and i mean light.. too much and you might as well have painted them grey, or gloss them before doing everything else, then matte the details etc by hand.)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Woop woop and all that, its time to head to donnington and go deaf..

after i come back there should be combi flamer tutorials galore and potentially (highly doubtfull) more painted stuff.. otherwise known as expect some dodgy pics of cut up flamers & boltguns, me complaining about something (im gonna go with "assault squads are crap" as a place holder) and the possibility of converted things.. i like converting, its an excuse not to paint.

power armoured version of brom.. hes older than the termie one and needs a new sword.. but i needed to put a picture up to break the wall of text i had going on.

see y'all after the weekend.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

more angels of the firey type

well i thought i'd post something else.. as thats what this thing is for afterall.

first off heres the list ive been working on.. it has some points left over that i need to use up but i like the way its going so far.

librarian - avenger, nullzone, termie armour & storm shield

assault termies - 5 hammers
ironclad - chainfist, melta, heavy flamer
drop pod (locator beacon)
dreadnought - assault cannon, fist

tactical squad, combi melta, fist, melta, multimelta
drop pod
tactical squad, flamer, plasmacannon
razorback - las plas
tactical squad, combi flamer, flamer, plasmacannon
razorback - las plas

thunderfire cannon

anyway more funky pictures.. because pictures are more interesting to me at least, so i assume its the same for everyone else.


by the looks of it photoshop is playing up again.. as usefull as that site is it does its best to piss me off.. most of them need more work doing (especially sergeant rikart whose plain boltgun metal.. and yes ive named my sarges.. i plan on making this company "cool" dammit!)

speaking of naming sarges and the such, i plan on doing some funky campaign stuff when the rest of my club pulls their collective fingers out and gets painting.. i might have to put some of my musings about that on here too, afterall "fluff" is important.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

It Lives!!

Finally decided it was time for me to have a place to rant and rave about stuff of my own, that and im woefully neglectful of the various topics related to my armies progress that are out there amongst the wider web.

Alexander Bromhardt.. leader of what will eventually turn out to be the whole 2nd company of the Fire Angels.. His name is made up, his heraldry is stolen from a thunderhawk in the badab war: part 1 book and his loadout in terminator armour is entirely illegal.. but he looks cool and thats what matters.

(angry looking bastard isnt he?)

In the long run he will be using Asterion Moloc of the Minotaurs chapters rules until i can brow beat and harass all my gaming cohorts into letting me homebrew some rules for him that allow me to field a non crap fire angels character *glares in the direction of Tarnus Vale* and still be able to use my armies chapter tactics.

which leads me nicely onto the subject of chapter tactics and why i hate them.. seeing as gw kindly did away with the traits system (due to it being abused and everyone and their dog having non codex codex chapters) we now have crimsonultraravenfistamanders instead.. because in a world where a generic character with articifer armour, a relic blade, digital weapons and a storm shield costs 185 points.. why in the name of all that is holy would you not take vulkan? hes 5 points more and makes your army a whole lot better.. and gets a mastercrafted relic blade and a heavy flamer.. downside to all this? i sure as hell dont see one..

same goes for cassius.. for 10 points more than a chaplain with a combi flamer, he gets a mastercraft on said weapon, it can shoot magical bullets (hellfire rounds) is toughness 5 and has feel no pain.. oh and he has a bolt pistol which theoretically grants him +1 attack over his counterpart with the combi flamer..

"dear matt ward, stop smoking crack & write a codex that makes sense"

i think ive gotten off topic..

soooo Fire Angels!

theres a heap more where he came from, but not enough battery power in my crappy ass camera phone to take enough mediocre pictures at this point in time.

*note to self, buy a decent camera and sort out a lightbox*