Monday, 13 June 2011

I return/ the mourning of a dear friend

Well, I'm back from download.. slightly burnt, slightly deaf and aching all over but it was all sorts of good..

however, my dear faithfull umbrella did not make it through the weekend.. after about 8 years of violence & mistreatment it decided to end its life during disturbed's set.

i shall miss you trusty umbrella and will be returning to the garden centre to try and 'aquire' a new one.

anyhoo heres a tank

its a very shiny tank.. this will be sorted out via more weathering and a light coat of satin varnish. (quick note, varnishing metals is a ball ache, if you decide to do a 90% metal army and want to protect your highlights etc.. either a light coat of satin.. and i mean light.. too much and you might as well have painted them grey, or gloss them before doing everything else, then matte the details etc by hand.)

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