Thursday, 29 September 2011

Halt as i purge thee

seriously need to figure out how to do thumbnails on this blog..
ah well the fact that ive done 3 blog posts in a row with no bile and hate is impressive.. i hope you all appreciate it!

Monday, 26 September 2011

the armour of contempt is av 13...

oh khiros you sexy bastard... you made my migraine go away.

or maybe it was the painkillers.

Khiros: Guardian of the flame

Thats right.. i've already started to think up a backstory for my contemptor and some justification for why the fire angels even have one -_- the short version is Khiros is a bad mofo from the original training cadre of the fire angels who bit the bullet in a joint campaign with their parent chapter.. who gave over the contemptor as an honour to khiros's sacrifice and general badassery.. the guardian of the flame bit is to do with the fire angels reliquary as khiros's statis chamber is within it.. plus it sounds cool.

this and the "regular" contemptor piss all over the normal dreadnought style.. its like resin flavoured porn.

The morning after

So.. i did the whole gamesday thing yesterday and thought id post my opinion on it all.

1st things first.. Wards hat was fucking stupid, he looked like he wanted to be in some jazz musical or something, full on twat.

got a small bit of time to talk with Phil Kelly, told him his dex's rocked and made my demands that he writes the black templar codex and no one else.

got me a sexy relic contemptor and the boarding marine and discussed the painty painty with mark "i have a whole metallic army ner ner ner" bedford and got some useful advice from him then harassed simon egan and alan bligh about various bits and bobs.

but now onto the meat of this post..

games workshop really dropped the ball this year organisation wise and in terms of overall interest, where as forgeworld put out some awesome stuff (had imperial armour 11, 2nd ed ia apocalypse and tarmukhan out to read) and satisfied the wip itch. gw had nooooooothing. Project X was dreadfleet x 10000.. which if anything just seemed dissapointing as it had already been announced, they had display boards strewn about the place and didnt bother using the space effectively.. there were huge empty spaces all over the main room where as the sales stands had a 3 hour queue and were in the smallest part of the arena.. to make matters worse, they had ALL the sales stuff in one place.. so black library, forgeworld and all the gw stuff were in a tiny little bit and got saturated almost instantly.

as an example of how daft it was, one person who was in before all the others (running a table in front of the sales stands) managed to get in, pick up the black library stuff he wanted and when he got to forgeworld, theyd already sold out of DE tantalus.. then waited an hour at least in the queue to pay.

im expecting a lot of "customer feedback" to reach gw about this tbh.. was one of the less impressive gamesdays ive been to.

although from what i saw a fire angel dreadnought won gold in golden daemons.. IM NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

road to early entry..

So.. im under no impression that ill even get past round one of the demons with this mini (may take morkai instead if i cant complete this one on time) but as stated hes so i can get early access to gamesday. i dont enjoy queuing and live close enough to get there early.

but anyway

progess is being made (although not in photography ability.. stupid crappy girlfriend camera) the worrying thing about all this, is that im enjoying doing this model.. something to do with it being a blatant distraction from what i should be doing i guess.. ah well.

now some of you may have noticed that i like to end remarks with ".." im trying my best to stop it, but its hard.. real hard.. =p

yeah essentially i just like to type as if im william shatner and need to pause for dramatic effect at every given opportunity...................

or something.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the other kind of shiny marine

so i was looking at my entirely unpainted sanguinary guard army earlier today and thought "I know, seeing as im slowly killing myself via metallic paint and my annoyance with it ill do a different type of metallic!" because you know different shiny is clearly such a massive departure from shiny..

theres a lot of work to be done as per most of my stuff and i might use him for early entry into gamesday and then seriously attempt to enter golden daemon next year. even if it is just to aim for "first cut"

tbh the main reason im posting this is because i like that glowy eye and the non banana yellow gold.. that and because i need to update this more often so you dont all worry that im dead.. all 6 of you.. -_-

Monday, 19 September 2011

apparently im not particularly good at this..

well me and my space marines have come to a standstill of late.. something to do with the utter imbalance between the codecies (mainly the ward ones.. but ill leave that rant for later)

im thinking of running a land raider crusader in my list atm.. essentially going on the principle of "if my marines are shit i might as well have a 250 point fire magnet"

either that or be a dick and run tarnus vale and go nuts on anti tank..

something along the lines of

devastators armed to the nuts with missiles x3, 2 craptical marine squads, 5 termies with hammers in a land raider, vale and as many attack bikes as i can fit..

thoughts being 14 str 9 missiles, 2 str 10 lascannons and as many str 9 multimeltas on bikes as i can fit should fuck people up.. itll be soul crushingly boring to play with and if i get dawn of war im screwed.. but tbh using the ultramarine codex is becoming a chore anyway.

and yes im a whiny git, but thats what the internet was invented for so meh.

theres some pictures of my utterly illegal terminator command squad.. they hang out with terminator brom.. or at least are meant to, hes illegal too afterall outside of moloc.. who is shit imho.. 235 points and 3 attacks.. probably serves me right for wanting to play silver marines with a man with a shield and sword leading them and me not doing gay knights and draigo..

oh and ill be taking a camera to gamesday so expect some badly taken photos of any marine shit i can find.. and potentially some other stuff too, although square bases and xenos really dont interest me atm, i just want to piss sorrowshard off by taking photos of me molesting his tantalus.