Wednesday, 28 December 2011

wolfy mc wolf wolf on his wolfing wolf armed with a wolf wolf and a wolfing wolf.

im quite liking this whole space wolf painting lark.. so heres some more.

also.. doing non metal coloured armour with an airbrush is a cake walk.. i honestly reckon i could get a 2k wolf/dark angel/blood angel force done in about a week.

Vlka Fenrika

i've been secreting my wolves away for some time now, having them lurk in the shadows as befits erik morkai and his sinister ways.. essentially waiting for me to decide wether i was going to do 13th company with warp rifts (drop pods) or do normal wolves.

as per usual im still not fully decided but i thought id model up a terminator lord type because i have a thing for termie armour and because why the hell not.

thought id run some colour over them and see how i felt.. im liking how "easy" the wolves are to get to a nice standard. but theyre not shiny or fire angelly enough tbh so work on khiros continues.. hes knee is finished.. need to figure out some shoulder heraldry and make the gold look a bit less flat before im ready to base him and call it a day i reckon.

now to ponder what to make for tea tonight and what to watch..

(otherwise known as an excuse to put a picture of me looking thoughtfull up.. thanks to the ladywife for taking this)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How to ignore a blog and why i want to marry my new camera.

Okay so first things first, i went and bought my new camera today.. It is made of win, magic and more win.

I'm a camera whore at the best of times (behind them not in front of them) and this thing makes the old piece of garbage i was using make me feel embarassed that i was showing you photos taken with it to be honest.

im going to be a bit self indulgent now (not that i havent already been with the pics of stuff you've already seen) and talk about how much happier it makes me to be able to control everything manually.. everything from shutter speed to the focus.. *fap fap fap fap fap* would be how my dear friend sorrowshard would put it over on rant in e minor...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Jobs, Dubstep and how C.O.D tries to steal your life.

(im returning to an old favourite here.)

THATS RIGHT! (ah much better) I have a new job and am no longer a bum..

So.. (yeah bitch two in a row!) some of you might be thinking "how does this affect the Fangles??" whilst the rest of you are thinking "what was lorin alpha again.. why am i here?" but if past experience is anything to go by my productivity goes up when i have less time on my hands.. due to the fact that it becomes "precious" due to the fact that you spend 90% of it working rather than doing stuff you like.

Its all a load of bollocks though, when you have nothing but time you waste it doing things that dont need doing and sleeping a lot.


have some dubstep.. normally dubstep sucks balls, because it just sounds like somebody going "im going to quote a movie!!!!" then farting into a mic.. ephixa and his portal lovin' is made of win.. as are his zelda remixes.

oh and dont play C.O.D whilst jobless.. you end up playing it for like 17 hours and getting shouted at by loved ones when you're holding off going for a wee till the end of the round..

anyways i have burn notice, walking dead and cod to be getting on with.. because burn notice is cool, daryl "fucking" dixon is a badass and i like shooting people in the face.