Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Vlka Fenrika

i've been secreting my wolves away for some time now, having them lurk in the shadows as befits erik morkai and his sinister ways.. essentially waiting for me to decide wether i was going to do 13th company with warp rifts (drop pods) or do normal wolves.

as per usual im still not fully decided but i thought id model up a terminator lord type because i have a thing for termie armour and because why the hell not.

thought id run some colour over them and see how i felt.. im liking how "easy" the wolves are to get to a nice standard. but theyre not shiny or fire angelly enough tbh so work on khiros continues.. hes knee is finished.. need to figure out some shoulder heraldry and make the gold look a bit less flat before im ready to base him and call it a day i reckon.

now to ponder what to make for tea tonight and what to watch..

(otherwise known as an excuse to put a picture of me looking thoughtfull up.. thanks to the ladywife for taking this)

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