Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How to ignore a blog and why i want to marry my new camera.

Okay so first things first, i went and bought my new camera today.. It is made of win, magic and more win.

I'm a camera whore at the best of times (behind them not in front of them) and this thing makes the old piece of garbage i was using make me feel embarassed that i was showing you photos taken with it to be honest.

im going to be a bit self indulgent now (not that i havent already been with the pics of stuff you've already seen) and talk about how much happier it makes me to be able to control everything manually.. everything from shutter speed to the focus.. *fap fap fap fap fap* would be how my dear friend sorrowshard would put it over on rant in e minor...


  1. Hot Damn!
    Everything is looking amazing.
    Though I must say I thought your stuff was amazing before the orgasmic awesomeness of your new camera....
    Looking good my friend.
    Cannot wait to see more.

  2. cheers dude, im hoping to get a decent amount done over the course of this week and next. got some new stuff to test out and some other stuff on order (shiny shiny alclad) but im eager to get back in the saddle and at the very least finish khiros and the terminators.

  3. Αmazing.Your models are looking awesome!Well done my friend keep them coming!