Monday, 9 April 2012

Forgeworld the class A drug of the Gw hobbyists world

So I've been woefully neglecting this blog in favor of doing work, sleeping and very little else (I havent even had much time to play street fighter x tekken, which saddens me)

I did however amass a large amount of money in my sleep, work, sleep, work pattern of suck.. and ended up splurging not once.. but twice on forgeworld goodies... so im now the proud owner of a caestus assault brick.. which so far has dissapointed in game terms but i do love how big and bricky it is.. (i raised my points with Alan Bligh about the ram in comparison to the other things out there.. theres a fair chance that ceramite shielding may be in its future  due to how willy nilly its been thrown about with storm vehicles and the such.)

the kit itself was easy enough to put together and only needed minor gap filling to make it look right..

on top of this i also bought a storm eagle, asterion moloc and his mate, a deimos executioner (im expecting the rules to suck.. its a predator afterall.) some mk 5 marines because theyre the coolest mark of power armour purely for the heads alone.. sevrin loth and his mates (waiting on some replacement parts.... grumble) 2 rapier laser destroyers because theyre nuts and look cool, a mk4 ven dreadnought and 4 autocannon arms...

essentially i spent more money than i should've and was trying to stop myself from buying a thunderhawk on top of it all (need to get one eventually.. im currently outclassed by blindhamster over on B&C in this respect)

work on the army itself has been slow, mainly due to a lack of enthusiasm for the game itself.. the marine codex is lack lustre and can be easily beaten upon by the shinier newer dexes and so most games are an uphill struggle at the best of times.. doesnt help that i cannot be bothered to do the competitive thing at the moment.. its something i did in the past and did well at. i have no need to prove myself in an environment where 90% of the armies will be from 4 dex's.

ill post some pictures up soon hopefully when the storm eagle and a load of the other advanced stuff appears from fw... im getting impatient now.