Monday, 19 September 2011

apparently im not particularly good at this..

well me and my space marines have come to a standstill of late.. something to do with the utter imbalance between the codecies (mainly the ward ones.. but ill leave that rant for later)

im thinking of running a land raider crusader in my list atm.. essentially going on the principle of "if my marines are shit i might as well have a 250 point fire magnet"

either that or be a dick and run tarnus vale and go nuts on anti tank..

something along the lines of

devastators armed to the nuts with missiles x3, 2 craptical marine squads, 5 termies with hammers in a land raider, vale and as many attack bikes as i can fit..

thoughts being 14 str 9 missiles, 2 str 10 lascannons and as many str 9 multimeltas on bikes as i can fit should fuck people up.. itll be soul crushingly boring to play with and if i get dawn of war im screwed.. but tbh using the ultramarine codex is becoming a chore anyway.

and yes im a whiny git, but thats what the internet was invented for so meh.

theres some pictures of my utterly illegal terminator command squad.. they hang out with terminator brom.. or at least are meant to, hes illegal too afterall outside of moloc.. who is shit imho.. 235 points and 3 attacks.. probably serves me right for wanting to play silver marines with a man with a shield and sword leading them and me not doing gay knights and draigo..

oh and ill be taking a camera to gamesday so expect some badly taken photos of any marine shit i can find.. and potentially some other stuff too, although square bases and xenos really dont interest me atm, i just want to piss sorrowshard off by taking photos of me molesting his tantalus.

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