Monday, 26 September 2011

The morning after

So.. i did the whole gamesday thing yesterday and thought id post my opinion on it all.

1st things first.. Wards hat was fucking stupid, he looked like he wanted to be in some jazz musical or something, full on twat.

got a small bit of time to talk with Phil Kelly, told him his dex's rocked and made my demands that he writes the black templar codex and no one else.

got me a sexy relic contemptor and the boarding marine and discussed the painty painty with mark "i have a whole metallic army ner ner ner" bedford and got some useful advice from him then harassed simon egan and alan bligh about various bits and bobs.

but now onto the meat of this post..

games workshop really dropped the ball this year organisation wise and in terms of overall interest, where as forgeworld put out some awesome stuff (had imperial armour 11, 2nd ed ia apocalypse and tarmukhan out to read) and satisfied the wip itch. gw had nooooooothing. Project X was dreadfleet x 10000.. which if anything just seemed dissapointing as it had already been announced, they had display boards strewn about the place and didnt bother using the space effectively.. there were huge empty spaces all over the main room where as the sales stands had a 3 hour queue and were in the smallest part of the arena.. to make matters worse, they had ALL the sales stuff in one place.. so black library, forgeworld and all the gw stuff were in a tiny little bit and got saturated almost instantly.

as an example of how daft it was, one person who was in before all the others (running a table in front of the sales stands) managed to get in, pick up the black library stuff he wanted and when he got to forgeworld, theyd already sold out of DE tantalus.. then waited an hour at least in the queue to pay.

im expecting a lot of "customer feedback" to reach gw about this tbh.. was one of the less impressive gamesdays ive been to.

although from what i saw a fire angel dreadnought won gold in golden daemons.. IM NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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