Friday, 23 September 2011

road to early entry..

So.. im under no impression that ill even get past round one of the demons with this mini (may take morkai instead if i cant complete this one on time) but as stated hes so i can get early access to gamesday. i dont enjoy queuing and live close enough to get there early.

but anyway

progess is being made (although not in photography ability.. stupid crappy girlfriend camera) the worrying thing about all this, is that im enjoying doing this model.. something to do with it being a blatant distraction from what i should be doing i guess.. ah well.

now some of you may have noticed that i like to end remarks with ".." im trying my best to stop it, but its hard.. real hard.. =p

yeah essentially i just like to type as if im william shatner and need to pause for dramatic effect at every given opportunity...................

or something.

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