Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the other kind of shiny marine

so i was looking at my entirely unpainted sanguinary guard army earlier today and thought "I know, seeing as im slowly killing myself via metallic paint and my annoyance with it ill do a different type of metallic!" because you know different shiny is clearly such a massive departure from shiny..

theres a lot of work to be done as per most of my stuff and i might use him for early entry into gamesday and then seriously attempt to enter golden daemon next year. even if it is just to aim for "first cut"

tbh the main reason im posting this is because i like that glowy eye and the non banana yellow gold.. that and because i need to update this more often so you dont all worry that im dead.. all 6 of you.. -_-


  1. Peachy paint job thus far and dramatic, animated posing. I can't see why your blog isn't more popular - you know, like that Rant in E Minor that everyone is taking about. That's some very golden gold on that dude. I do love the Sangunary Guards' hot cross bun knee pads.

  2. im going to go with "because mines like proper art, his is the equivilant of pop" because i like insulting shard ;)

    nah in general its because "dark eldar" is always going to yeild more results than "fire angels" and my blatant ward hate is front and centre.