Friday, 19 August 2011

Radio Silence

Okay its been far too long since i updated this (or my painting log on bolter and chainsword for that matter) but this has been down to several factors most of which revolve around laziness and kittens.. the main one however is the fact that ive found myself struggling to stick to a metallic recipe that i like and its driving me insane..

the main problem im having is with the varnishing.. im stuck between gloss and satin at this point.. the overall technique is essentially, gun, steel, varnish, oil wash, secondary varnish to seal the wash, then paint highlights, and all the other colours.. howeverfor the time being its satin.. because ive already done a squad with that method.. but i will be doing a model in gloss to see how it looks and will then show the results on here for ya'll to judge..

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