Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the grim darkness of the future, there is only points imbalances.

After a fun night of gaming it up i have returned home with a few thoughts in my head..

the main one atm is that where others say "space wolf termies with thunder hammers and storm shields are overpointed" i say all other termies with hammers and shields are underpointed.

think about it, a tactical squad with a meltagun and a powerfist is 200 points, throw in a free heavy weapon that you'll probably never use too.. cuz its free.

lysander is 200 points too.. he has a few wounds and eternal warrior.. he has 3 attacks.

a squad of 5 termies with hammers and shields are 200 points, theyre like lysander, but with 10 attacks and more wounds..

which of these would you like to be able to take as an hq choice? or an elites? or maybe troops? im pretty sure the answer to all 3 is the hammernators..

now with 40k being in a state of confusion atm (tank spam, lack of basic troops despite the scoring thing.. tactical squads seemingly redundant etc etc) surely we should be thinking "for 200 points that tactical squad is awesome.. and so tactical!" not "man i wish i didnt have to take tactical marines, if scouts didnt suck so much id consider them instead.. man why do all my troops choices suck balls?"

i mean think about what you get.. sergeant + termie armour + hammer + shield.. a sarge is 26 points (roughly) termie armour with a hammer and shield for a captain is 70 points, a hammer and shield is 45 on a command squad.. so why is it termies cost 40 points each?

is the 63 points a space wolf player pays over the top? hell no.. the 40-45 points all the other marine armies pay is cheap.

40k needs to be rebalanced and tactical marines need to seem worth taking and not something that is almost forced onto you.

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