Thursday, 30 June 2011

fiction: also know as a fully painted army.

well ive been neglecting this blog more than id like to admit.. but thats mainly because id stuck the fire angels in a box and got the huff with them for a bit.

anyway i decided it was time to pull my finger out and do something.

brom is getting there slowly hes already "tabletop" apart from the base, but i have lots of things i want to do to him in the weathering sense and need to paint up his banner.. i do think i need to clean up my painting style a bit.. might have to do some kind of showcase model and get my "micropainting" hat on. i dont actually have a hat for painting i left my last good hat on the bus.. maybe i should buy a new one.

apparently photobucket is being queer again, i may have to find a new place to host my images.. the constant faffing on bucket annoys me, as do the adverts interupting my musical delights.

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