Saturday, 2 July 2011

More Character based Adhd

thats right.. i managed to find a way to procrastinate a bit more than usual and distract myself from painting in the form of an update to the power armoured brom (im gonna have a company of this model if i dont stop soon)

much happier with how he looks now, the last one was good, but kinda sloppy on my behalf even when id done him i knew i could do better.. this one i see as complete. outside of overblinging him (which can be done with paint if i really need to) theres not an area that i think looks either too plain or too cluttered.. i will admit i wish i was good enough at microdetailing to add a few things here and there.. but until my skill improves id rather not ruin a model with mediocre detail.


  1. Yeesh bits list you say..

    erm, forgeworld sevrin loth command squad body, mk2 veteran legs, commander backpack, legion of the damned backpack (for the torch)grey knight terminator sword, grey knight power armoured sword (blade = termie, hand & handle = pa) power armoured grey knight arm (for the sword to attatch to) basic combat blade handle, few plastic purity seals, a small icon thing from the grey knight sprues on his right side on his belt.. an aquila shaved off the side of a storm bolter (as far as i remember) for the belt. sanguinary guard/power armoured grey knight clenched fist, basic pistol arm with hand chopped off.. power armoured grey knight justicar sheild thing.. 2 basic shoulderpads, a space marine terminator head, a piece of h beam plasticard and a lot of greenstuff and miliput..

    phew.. i think thats the full list.. its all pretty obvious when you see the component parts, although sawing through a pewter model just for the legs isnt a great use of funds.