Sunday, 3 July 2011

i cant think of anything to call this post so im going with "Kholek to the face"

Aside from terrible titles and injokes this post is about painting and how i enjoy it and loathe it at the same time.. plus i have a shiny new model to show you all.

But first its wall of text time!

Throughout my hobbying days i've attempted to improve my painting techniques and for the most part i have succeeded except for one major factor.. i cannot be arsed.
its a defining part of my painting now and one of the reasons i have started sharing my own brand of laziness and word vomit with the interweb, im trying atm to make a full company of marines.. but painting the same scheme 100+ times is killing me, i can barely be bothered to finish more than 2 marines usually because once ive done one "properly" i start going "man i hate highlighting it takes too long, i also hate basing.. why the fuck do i have to paint sand?" and such things go on in my mind until im thinking about paying some small albino child from the 3rd world to paint my army and if he gets anything wrong ill beat him to death with a bath mat.

then i get onto a new model.. something ive not painted before or a special character, and i start to have fun and go "hey this schemes pretty cool, i really should do that tactical squad whilst im in the mood" and the whole cycle repeats itself and im left with a half done character and a tactical squad who have roughly blocked in colours and dust on them from where theyve sat in a cabinet pointing at me with their powerfist and bolters and judging me through unpainted helmet lenses.

now its time for a pretty picture.

one of these days ill figure out how to make thumbnails work and my blog wont look all spasticated because of the pics.. but for now i cant be arsed.

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