Thursday, 2 June 2011

It Lives!!

Finally decided it was time for me to have a place to rant and rave about stuff of my own, that and im woefully neglectful of the various topics related to my armies progress that are out there amongst the wider web.

Alexander Bromhardt.. leader of what will eventually turn out to be the whole 2nd company of the Fire Angels.. His name is made up, his heraldry is stolen from a thunderhawk in the badab war: part 1 book and his loadout in terminator armour is entirely illegal.. but he looks cool and thats what matters.

(angry looking bastard isnt he?)

In the long run he will be using Asterion Moloc of the Minotaurs chapters rules until i can brow beat and harass all my gaming cohorts into letting me homebrew some rules for him that allow me to field a non crap fire angels character *glares in the direction of Tarnus Vale* and still be able to use my armies chapter tactics.

which leads me nicely onto the subject of chapter tactics and why i hate them.. seeing as gw kindly did away with the traits system (due to it being abused and everyone and their dog having non codex codex chapters) we now have crimsonultraravenfistamanders instead.. because in a world where a generic character with articifer armour, a relic blade, digital weapons and a storm shield costs 185 points.. why in the name of all that is holy would you not take vulkan? hes 5 points more and makes your army a whole lot better.. and gets a mastercrafted relic blade and a heavy flamer.. downside to all this? i sure as hell dont see one..

same goes for cassius.. for 10 points more than a chaplain with a combi flamer, he gets a mastercraft on said weapon, it can shoot magical bullets (hellfire rounds) is toughness 5 and has feel no pain.. oh and he has a bolt pistol which theoretically grants him +1 attack over his counterpart with the combi flamer..

"dear matt ward, stop smoking crack & write a codex that makes sense"

i think ive gotten off topic..

soooo Fire Angels!

theres a heap more where he came from, but not enough battery power in my crappy ass camera phone to take enough mediocre pictures at this point in time.

*note to self, buy a decent camera and sort out a lightbox*

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