Saturday, 16 June 2012

evolution of this blog.

At this point its just been me ranting about random crap and posting up the occasional picture of something firey and angely. but im interested to know if anyone has any opinions on what i should put up here?

in the pipeline i have more fire angel stuff obviously (wont be done till the full 2nd company is complete with transports for all 106 plus 1st company support and a thunderhawk >.>) but should i increase the scope of this blog? i mean sure itll never go beyond marines & other systems stuff (xenos doesnt appeal, tried it many times) or do i expand the detail on the fire angel side of things more?

would people like to see tutorial type stuff or just more finished things?

the more feedback the better really.


  1. I would like to see more of all of your work posted here. I follow your work on the forums but it would be nice to have it all in one place as well. I would also like to see more tutorials. The more knowledge you have the more you should share. Have you given any thought to building a war band for INQ28? Many people seem to be doing that in their spare time and it gives you a break from all marines all the time.

  2. thanks for the reply, i'll admit ive been neglecting this blog a bit due to not really working on the fire angels in a while.. ill update it a bit and include my death guard and other works in future and ill try to keep on top of things whilst juggling my posts on b&c, forgeworlds facebook page and the 1st expedition. ;)