Tuesday, 29 May 2012

2nd Company Command Squad: for B&C badab challenge

Rightio, i gave you a wall of text last time so today we get a wall of pictures.

this pic is mainly to show of broms updated power weapon and new bionic arm.. also it looks cool!

As of yet unamed apothecary, hes 98% forgeworld, but i removed the head for future use and to complete the bare headed look of the squad.

This is Haydn Lang due to the fact that he has the same plastic head as one of the sergeants he is the non identical (different hair colour) twin to Rikart Lang.. the dude with the combi melta and fist.. the banner needs more work but he has been based since this pic (see group shot)

Eidhart Abendroth, everyones favourite ex ganger nutcase company champion.

Then finally we have the least finished dudes in the squad Jori Mauer and Lanzo Kolman (in order)

oh and heres their ride (makeshift turret till FW one arrives)

I've got 2 days left to finish the squad, then the transport and whatever other jazz i decide upon is to be done for next month.. hopefully you've enjoyed the pics rather than the text for once.



  1. Love your work, got me working on painting some of my own Fire Angels. So far I've done an assault squad using the Black Templars robes. I'm not as good a painter as you, done some free hand but it's not very good.

    Can't wait to see more.

  2. Also, I'm doing my robes/tabards etc in a cream colour like the pictures forgeworld did, but I like the white you've done.

    Thinking of maybe working the cream colour up to white, what do you think?

    1. I think working up to white is a good idea it will give you a cleaner look & help differentiate from parchment & purity seals. Feel free to post up some links to pics, always nice to see other peoples take on them.

      If i were to do cream robes id work from deneb up to pure white (how i do templar robes pretty much)

  3. I'm crying right now. Thats how awesome you can paint.