Monday, 14 May 2012

No witty title just a fancy picture and some words

Yeesh i need to update this more often..

I've been faffing about with things that dont need doing recently (painting warmachine stuff & building shelves etc) rather than concentrating on the fangles.. i mainly blame the fact that im waiting for 6th ed to drop and ruin half my army choices..

as a few of you are probably aware by now i've been working on my skillz with an airbrush and have been enjoying my time faffing about with the one i have atm.. it is however a little on the limited side and a pain in the ass to clean.. so im upgrading.

ive also joined in with a badab war painting challenge thing on the bolter and chainsword and have said ill paint up a command squad and character by the end of the month (now looking impossible due to missing parts) so it looks like im just going to have to do what i can and hope that Ead has good news for me on wednesday..

but anyway enough of my wall of text.. heres a picture of the company champion Eidhart Abendroth

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