Wednesday, 4 January 2012

back to the primative

only because back to the shiny doesnt sound good.. and its from an era from "days gone by"

yeah shut up.

This is khiros pretending to be an ironclad.. hence the massive hammer (its siesmic dont you know!) its also a bit self indulgent as ive not reduced the size of the image to see if uploading here is better than photobucket (who auto resize my stuff.. grrr!!!)

okay so this also reduces image size apparently.. god i hate the internet sometimes.. heres a 1:1 of part of the pic of khiros just for examples sake then.


  1. the alclad arrived today along with some mig dark wash.. experimenting shall be done.. followed by pictures.. followed by sleep, then work then more paint! also join bitch.. you need to internet pimp me.

  2. Your painting is simple amazing Lorenzen.Keep it going!

  3. Can't ATm as whatever Tasty did with BOK fried my friend connect , as soon as he fixy fixies it I will do so.

    Doing cheeky bits of content for paincakes l help you out, being on the BoLS blog roll generates a fair amount of traffic,