Thursday, 17 November 2011

caffeine, staring and getting fuck all done

The title of this pretty much sums it up.. i would be taking pictures of stuff id done, but theyd be textbook cases of not really being able to tell what the fuck you were looking at..

I got about 7 marines into painting a tac squad, finished a couple of easy conversions.. got somewhat high off've the combined fumes of engine degreaser, acetone free nail varnish remover and mr muscle over cleaner whilst stripping parts.. did a bit of a tank, then sat staring at my desk for a while attempting to focus on something.

essentially massive doses of caffeine, 36 hours of being awake (purely for the chance to be awake at a proper time of day sometime soon) and small scale painting dont mix.

if im awake at any point tomorrow before the time i have to harass sorrowshard in going to the pub or something to that effect ill attempt to post something worthwhile.

for now you can enjoy something older that i havent really shown off on here.. but have a bizzare fondness for..

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