Sunday, 20 November 2011

The promised big update..

Yeesh it's taken a whole lot longer than planned to get this update to exist. (the skin tutorial is still a way off..but you at least get to see the candidate for that in this post in all his silver faced glory..)

As i am currently "between jobs" I figured I didn't really have an excuse for not getting much work done on this lot anymore, so tidied my desk up (Sorrowshard can attest to that, he will recall the days of not being able to see the desk for all the crap on it.. and the maze of hobby and pain to even get to it in the 1st place) and busted out some serious hobby whilst listening to a combo of Future World Music, the original Quake soundtrack by NIN (controversially their best album) and some Scar Symmetry (before ADB's twin left the band)

Anyway thats enough talking for now, its picture time.

Now obviously some of that stuff is more WIP than the rest, but still they're getting there, with only a few more infantry (mainly all the heavy weapons, including some awesomely uncompetitive devastators) to go before i can crack on with the termies, libby and vehicles..

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you update.
    Everything is looking ace!
    Keep up the good work.