Sunday, 6 November 2011

Procrastination.. the end of an era.

So as depressing as it is, ive ran out of stuff to distract me from getting on with my army.. sure i could paint a land raider, or a dev squad.. but seeing as i need to paint a land raider and some basic marines.. that type of procrastination isnt even that useful to me..

these are sad times indeed.

as such i plan on putting out some fancy(ish) pictures of stuff with paint on over the next few days, and might get round to that combi flamer tutorial i mentioned once.. many moons ago.

oh and a skin tutorial, because i like painting skin (in a non perverse way) and have had a few people asking questions..

for now i present the closest i got to wasting some time.. repainting something for an older army.. which is still productive in its own way.. stupid lack of stuff to sculpt/model!

i do miss my old deathwing, but tbh they look like ass, so need redoing.. of course whether they beat out the templars or not as my next project post fire angels is still up for debate.. but my faith in Mr Kelly for templar author is high..

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