Friday, 11 November 2011

The adventures of Bromhardt: Brom Returns.. for about the 50th time

Sticking with my not starting posts with "So" or "Thats right!" im finding myself in a more talkative mood.. I still plan on using an abundance of fullstops in quick succession, and most likely will find that I outside of a few things, I will continue to ignore the rules of grammar.

I've been attempting to improve my images over the past however long its been and have been gradually getting them as good as i can with a 5 megapixel auto focusing piece of shit that my girlfriend insists is in fact a camera.
(i miss my old one.. rest in peace camera that got crushed into a bajillion pieces during the trauma of moving house.. rest in peace)

pictures like this were "quick shots" with the old beast.

Nowadays getting a picture to not look like ive taken it whilst drunk is hard enough.. but getting something that is good? essentially no chance due to digital noise, a mediocre ability to focus on anything that isnt 17 feet from the camera, no white balance, an inability to determine whether or not the camera is going to automatically darken or brighten up the image and potentially the most retardedly placed "macro" switch ever..

At this point i must take the time to thank my girlfriend for having no interest in the hobby or what i write about it.. because otherwise i'd be signing my own death warrant for bitching that much about a camera that is on loan.. but she lives in ignorance of my hate towards it.

I am getting off topic (as per usual) so in my attempts to make this thing workable i have made a new makeshift filter for my lamp out of a shirt.. hoborific as that may sound, it works.

The Inquisition I is an in joke.. But justifiable due to the Fire Angels fluff. Hurrah!

Now in comparison to the other shots i've put up recently you may be thinking "well thats not much of an improvement!" but where as before i was spending a rather daft amount of timing staring at my monitor attempting to photoshop him into looking like he did in real life (with some serious over exposure issues.. check out the crux in the last pic of him..) where as the newer pic was just a matter of altering the background and checking the levels.

now in keeping with my photo related crap.. I need to find a new place to upload my pictures to, the adverts on photobucket make me sick.. i listen to music through my pc.. so photobucket interupting it (with no mute option) with some godawfull music of their own whilst idiot children and lobotomised adults grin their way through an advert for toilet cleaner is not appreciated.. i think a flickr account or something may be in order.. bleurgh.

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