Thursday, 10 November 2011

Trying your hardest not to start a post with "So"...

I can't use "thats right" either.. i use that one too much too, and I'm not counting this as the intro because that'd be cheating....

Um......... got it!

After far too much time thinking about how to start this post without repeating myself for the bajillionth time i almost forgot what it was i was going to say, how dumb is that? But whatever the case onwards we go..

Now obviously if i was to start reviewing the current marine codex, id be woefully out of date and stepping on other peoples toes out there in the big wide world, however if we review the current state of the game as a whole then we can discuss smaller issues as we go. In the current edition of the game what is commonly known as MEQ is seen as the average & the thing to beat.. the fact that in reality GEQ (guard equivilant) is what the game designers initially had as the average apparently doesn't matter anymore..
Think about it, guard, eldar (both types) tau & the "average" nid are all rocking this type of statline, crons have now lost their 3+ and orks are in many ways closer to GEQ than MEQ.. str 3, crap at shooting, low armour etc etc.. but due to the predominance of marines alone (not even equivilant stuff) we have ended up in a world where all some people see is marines and nothing else.

Now i know my local gaming club isnt "the whole wide world" and as such is only one example.. but at the moment our club has a diverse range of players with me and one other person being the only "pure" marine players (i only run marines, sure they may be templars, chaos, deathwing, fire angels etc etc.. but if it aint a marine im not playing.. and the other guy only has a grey knight army atm)
out of those players i can quite happily state that all of them even sorrowshard have a marine army of some sort without exception.. and this is where the problem appears.. despite all these people playing with non marine armies (Xenos are in vogue atm.. because it makes you "different" and "cool".. much like all those morons in skinny jeans and 3d glasses without the lenses are "different" and "cool") secretly the all have a marine army that they probably bought based on the fact that marines are fucking badass.

Xenos players.. this is you if you hate on Marines on the internet.

 So using the popular armies makes you uncool in the interwebs.. cept dark eldar of course.. because theyre xenos and get a free pass..
Now Marines get a bad name of late.. because of MEQ.. the reason MEQ exists is because Xenos players went "my armies shit.. t3 is shit, str 3 is shit, not having a 3+ is shit" and so gw changed some stuff.. then you all hated on it because it was MEQ and anything similar to a Marine is shit because theyre "easy mode" and dont have a learning curve.

News for you bucko Marines.. PROPER Marines none of this Grey Knight bullshit (they offend me) have a learning curve.. when everyone out there is busting out str 6 ap 3 stuff en masse you end up in cover with less models, worse transports and fewer guns.. or in combat with stuff that goes 1st, with more attacks and higher survivability because of invuns etc.

All the Xenos players out there who hate on Marines, need to remember.. Without them we dont have a game, you'll all be playing games where there arent any xenos armies, theres just space ninjas or steam punk communists..

Now on the flip side of this.. GW need to realise that things like the Grey Knight codex are offensive.. that ruining the internal balance in the game by making an undercosted army break the unwritten rules of the game is retarded.. I look at the current state of 40k and I worry, I worry that a game thats background is awesome, that for several editions has provided me and my friends with a whole crap tonne of fun and that has some really cool people working on things for it (the guys at forgeworld, ADB, Phil Kelly and Jes Goodwin to name a few) that by 2013 it'll be ruined by this +10 attitude that certain people have.

Should Marines seem awesome? yes. Should Marines make up 50% of gw's general sales? if theyre still awesome then yes. Should the game become broken in favour of awesome marine chapter no.666 in an effort to make a generally less popular codex sell. NO..

6th ed needs to come, and it needs to come fast and save the game as we knew it.. balance needs to be restored.. and not in a master yoda "balance means wiping out the badguys" way..

In closing the Jedi Council were all retarded that none of them went "hang on, thats not what balance means!! KILL THE CHILD!!!!"


  1. I have to agree with you completely.
    Even though I absolutely love Grey Knights.
    Now let me explain, unlike most of this new crowd of Grey Knight lovers, I liked them back when they were all black and had one arm in silver (you know back when no one played them or even heard of them).
    This new direction they've been taken in is driving me insane.
    Yes they are the best of the best but do they have to be game changing?
    They've basically become a point and click army (at least in the popular internet lists).
    Now is it just me or is this game becoming less about the fluff and the fun of the game and more on "whats top tier at the tourneys"?
    I remember when there were global campaigns and people cared more about being a part of a story rather then whats top tier or optimized.
    This even flows into my local gaming group.
    A lot of the people I used to play with left the hobby and now I'm left with people who only care about play testing for some tourney they need to win.
    Perfect example,
    I posted in our forum if people were interested in participating in a heavy STORY driven campaign with the emphasis on developing a story rather then who wins overall.
    I posted that a month ago and since then no one has responded at all.
    Its pissing me off so bad.
    No one responds but everyone needs to talk about tournaments and being rules Nazis.
    I really do not like where this hobby is going at all.
    I feel that given a year or two, something drastic will happen within GW and it will either collapse in upon itself which could result in a complete overhaul of staff and a definite change in business practice / games development or an outside company like Wizards of the Coast will pick it up after it tanks.

    -rant off-

  2. Its good to know that others agree with me on this, GW needs to sort out this stuff and fast, otherwise they will find themselves in reaping the bad feelings theyve been sowing financially.

    i've been trying to get my own gaming club into a campaign, with stuff like dark heresy, 40k, bfg and all the other games slowly affecting our own little corner of the galaxy. but most of them seem intent on not putting any work in

  3. Hey, I don't get the "turned the club against the T-fire" I think it's a great piece of kit, I would likely use one or two were I ever to play nilla marinez

  4. i meant your hatred for getting shot by it! =p