Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cats: why their paws are str10 rending with 2d6 armour penetration

Fucking Kitten!!!!!!

Okay that's out of my system now..
My dear little kitty (Tao) decided that what would really be a good idea was to take a huge bloody running jump at my desk in the process destroying my Budweiser glass (one of several branded glasses that I acquired from promotional crap working in bars) and more importantly explodifying Khiros into a bajillion pieces....

Fortunately for her the only bits that suffered any "serious" damage was the right shoulder joint and the top of one of his shoulders which has a big dent in it now.. the shoulder has been repaired and the dent has been left as "battle damage" but Khiros as a whole ended up being repositioned and having his arms blu tacked into place for now until I can magnetize the mounts for other options (I have a seismic hammer in the works for him for any tournies so I can run him as an ironclad) but still.. Kitten is now banned from the hobby room, She can't be trusted to not act like a retard.

Anyway heres a picture of post rebuilding Khiros:

I shall be doing more work on him tomorrow, along with hopefully cracking on with the main body of the army and a few transports.. so with any luck (and some serious amounts of caffeine to knock me into a regular sleeping pattern) tomorrow should bring some fancy fancy updates.

Oh and seeing as I'll have to paint some skin, I'll get on that face tutorial and if I can find the spare parts, a combi-flamer one.. Dont hold me to that though, apparently I get distracted FAR too easily when it comes to crap like that.


  1. Heh. My housemate's cat is just flat-out not allowed into my room for precisely these reasons. Too many things for him to get into...

  2. She was doing pretty well for herself in that regard, but apparently the other day looking out my window was so important that anything and everything in the way had to be destroyed to get to it... Also caffeine bought; hobby binge ho!

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  4. That's adorable.