Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lights, Camera, Action? No nevermind we dont have a camera yet.

So after much thought (and instant retrospect that i have started a fair few of these with "So".. note to self use a different segue in future) i have decided that i need a better camera.. not just in the "oh im taking pictures of pretty models i need them to be shot with the greatest depth of field ever on a bed of satin and made out of pure platinum with diamond encrusted bases"

But because i used to study stuff to do with cameras and music production and essentially just got lazy with both and am on a self improvement binge (dont worry i wont be turning into a pacifist hippy vegetablarian with no shoes) and want to improve my skills as a photographer and get back on track with music..

Except really its all about taking pretty pictures of models to show you and hope that you'll love me..
Now i've seen some pretty fancy rigs out there in the world of the internet, but im suspicious of all of them, are these people with all the gear and no idea? or are they technosavants that need to be beaten to death with a blood soaked bath mat whilst screaming incoherently about how they reminded me of an albino kid i once knew..

om nom nom

The camera above is going to be my weapon of choice (besides a bath mat.. or an angry kitten hurled at your face) chosen because im not made of money, its got a decent sized sensor, fully manual controls, the ability to add a whacking great big macro lens to it after i sell my kidneys and/or soul.. and finally because the canon eos 7d costs more than a few cars.. WITHOUT A FUCKING LENS.
Ahem... i appear to have gotten distracted by camera porn... now my main wondering with this camera's "standard" lens is how it will fare at mini photography when pushed.. im not going to go into every last boring detail, but essentially the essence of a good shot of a model is to make it look as much like it does to the naked eye with as little editing as possible.. now if anyone happens to have a properly badass DSLR if they feel like trying out a 14-42mm lens equivilant on a low ISO with multiple diffused lamps, a decent background to sit the mini on and dick about with the zoom, focus and anything else thay can think of to make the model look as good as possible.. please.. give it a go.. if not for me then for the sake of the 1 other person in the world who probably cares.

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