Friday, 25 November 2011

Lack of updates and excuses

What up!

Over the past few days ive been secreting myself away in an attempt to get a new job.. Still dunno how thats turned out but its all out of the way now and outside of paying attention to my phone theres nothing more i can do. Of course some of you will be going "pssh! job stuff doesn't take up that much time.." but today alone i've been for a 3 hour interview session had to take a drug test and all sorts of other funderfull activities

I am drug free unsuprisingly.. apparently they dont test for lethal doses of caffeine though.

Anyway i have done some hobby related joy recently, although not as much as i would have liked.. Especially considering that monstrous update i did a while ago.

So instead for now i give you a daft black and white picture of my WIP board for home with some fire angels looking all fire angely and stuff.

Look at how arty everything looks in black and white.. Its also really good for hiding random crap like the edge of a table from view. When the new camera gets here expect lots of boring shots of tea cups and stuff in black and white with high contrast.. because obviously I'm arty and that kind of crap expresses my soul...

Or something.

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