Monday, 15 April 2013

sculpting.. not for the impatient.

rightio, its been a short while since i posted an update and 90% of that is because i want to post worthwhile stuff not just "look now he has a tiny tiny amount of difference from before!"

in the words of Simon Egan "sculpting is 90% looking 10% prodding" while this holds true for the most part.. its also a lie & it should read like this.. "sculpting is 29% looking, 1% prodding and 70% waiting for the damn thing to cure"

The cloak so far is coming along nicely (best one yet in my opinion) however its at this point when the model is starting to finally come together that getting impatient could cost me dearly, i still have a few small bits to do on his shoulder (scythe blades for the crossed scythe symbol) his gun and on one of his hips, and then need to work on the right hand shoulder section of the cloak however im looking at the model as it stands and i am happy with what i have done and am eager to see him ready for paint.

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