Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kael Armaros 2.0

I am very much of the opinion that we should all push our abilities be it painting, sculpting or gaming to the best we can on occasion and strive to improve.. and after openday and talking to Simon Egan (the grand master of awesome) and showing him some photos of work to critique, i've decided i need to push myself and present something in the flesh at the heresy weekender for his judgement and critique.. And so, i present mk2 of kael.. wip atm, but with obvious lineage from his predecessor (foot on something mainly..) excuse the rubbing out on his chest. i was marking something up, didnt like it and will hopefully be sculpting a smaller version of the death guard symbol the original has emblazoned across his chest rather than rehashing the brass etch. The armoured hip pieces are inspired by the legion champion model and will be receiving more studs near the edges, i'm tempted to magnetize his arms from the shoulderpad down.. but unsure atm, all depends on wether i keep the combiflamer or not i guess.

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