Sunday, 7 April 2013

Open Day 2013

Today was good fun with lots of interesting things on display, unfortunatley i didn't get to have my game with DPD because they'd tidied all the tables away, so no fancy pictures of heresy and betrayal.. But i did have a good long chat with Simon Egan about sculpting and some constructive comments on my own works.. If any of you ever get the opportunity i highly recommend talking to him. im eager to start working on the vast array of goodies i bankrupt myself with this time round.. but priority lies with finishing the 1k force and working from there.. discipline and order shall rule the roost from now on not "oooh shiny!" syndrome. managed to get a decent chat with paul rudge in too (fellow death guard) about weathering techniques, how easy it is to be distracted by all the awesome things (its worse for him.. he has to watch them make the awesome things in the same room) and general heresy goodness. didnt win the raffle.. but donated to charity so i guess its all good regardless, well worth the ticket cost imho, was a good day and less crowded than last year by a loooong way.

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