Thursday, 4 April 2013

Reborn on the winds of plague..

Yeesh its been a long time since i've done anything with this blog.. (for reasons noted elsewhere) but i guess its time to show why..

heresy! i hear some of you cry.. and in that you'd be correct, i've been filling my time (and emptying my wallet) on a full blown traitor deathguard force who are in various states of semi finished.. I'll be taking 1k of these to the open day on sunday to wage bloody war against the hugely talented Daemon Prince Dargor (Demetris for those who know him outside of B&C) whose work has been featured on gee dubs site and fw's facebook a fair few times.. I'm hoping for a crushing victory both in terms of how much more than him i have painted and on the tabletop too.. ill post pictures of our epic duel after sunday.

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