Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Goldfish of Justice Tale of Painters..

So myself and a couple of friends from the wider world have banded together to create a tale of painters..
(can be found on the goldfish of justice facebook page) and i shall be attempting to blog my part of it on here.

it includes several really cool hobbyists including the overly talented Daemon Prince Dargor (DPA from warseer) Blindhamster from bolter and chainsword & Darkwrath and potentially more people too once they get off their arses.

Now I'm going to be continuing with the death guard in a mad dash for another painted 1000 points by gamesday.. after the initial 1k for the heresy weekender.. at approximately 250 points per month.

My first unit in this tale is my destroyers.. which is kind of a cop out as im doing half as many models as the other guys.. but then im also finishing lots of other things and theyre expensive points wise so i dont care that much..

 This is how they stand atm.. need shoulderpads and to add some trophies to the sarge.. this lot are going to be a little bit more morbid than the normal death guard i think.

squad varlen are now complete and ready for the weekender.. theres a guy hiding in the back (guess he's camera shy) whos base you can just about see.. it isnt just 9 models!

and finally we have the current state of squad lor.. lead by Drogan Lor, who is one of my favourite models in this army so far.. think its the plague marine helmet tbh. Oh and for those that are interested.. the list of names for my dudes currently stands at.

Kael Armaros - Captain
Akran Hal – Moritat
Golthak – Destroyer Sergeant
Thias Varlen – Sergeant
Janek Peior – Siege Breaker
Gorthian “the Vulture” – Assault Sergeant
Selyvan Mors – Terminator Sergeant
Vlast “The Nightmare of Galaspar” – Contemptor Dreadnought
Thorian “The Denied” – Contemptor Dreadnought
Drogan Lor – Sergeant

And due to the fact that i was given a list of every Death Guard name in the current cannon for the heresy.. (which included 7 named captains........ >:( ) Kael is the successor of Holgoarg who was sent down to istvaan 3 in the 1st wave and eventually his executioner.

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