Saturday, 22 October 2011

NO! Drink the bleach!

so ive been working on more stuff (dont worry no photos yet) and found myself in an odd state, not only am i quite enjoying painting atm (im blaming a combo of mark bedford being enthusiastic and klear fumes) but im also looking at some of my sculpts and thinking "i can do better" which certain people are going to become sick of hearing before too long.. essentially im looking at the termie form of brom, his cloak, the atatchment of the skulls to his torso etc etc and just thinking that now that i have more free time that i should actually push myself to the limits of my ability and make something that is a: awesome and b: magnetized because i never use the fucker..

oh and for those who dont know the title is a quote from metalocalypse, which ive been watching again whilst painting.. and also is my recommendation of beverage for some of the people on the internet who apparently think that tarring all marine players as retarded cavemen and gw fanboys wasn't going to make me want to beat them to death with their own limbs.

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